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A Storm of Swords AudiobookThe third installment in what is planned to be a seven volume series, A Storm of Swords is part of the epic work by American Author George R. R. Martin entitled A Song of Ice and Fire. It is significantly longer than the first two books by at least 200 pages. As such, a good number of fans find its narrated version more palatable than the large book.

A Storm of Swords Audiobook was recorded in 2004 by Random House Audio. It spans 27 cassettes (39 CDs) and runs for approximately 47 hours and 32 minutes making it much longer than the first two audiobooks from the series ( A Game of Thrones and A Clash of Kings).

It is available in Amazon, Audible, iTunes, as well as directly from Random House Audio.


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About The Narrator

A Storm of Swords Audiobook is still narrated by the amazing Roy Dotrice, an award-winning British actor who successfully reels in the listeners with his dramatic readings. His gruff tones are a perfect complement to the Martin’s grim and gritty creation.

One little known fact about A Storm of Swords Audiobook is that it was also read by Roy Avers, who may not be at par with Dotrice on whole, but manages to overcome Dotrice’s greatest flaw – voicing the female characters.

Avers also features a unique reading style that changes pace depending on the mood of the chapter. Action scenes are read faster, while dramatic scenes are punctuated with pauses and hesitation. It should be noted that Avers’ version of the books are not commercially available as they were done by a government program for the blind and visually impaired. They can be accessed or ordered via the public library.

A Storm Of Swords Editors Review

This book is considered one of the most exciting in the series as the plot significantly thickens and many of the characters are further developed showing aspects of their personality never seen before. The main characters feelings and their next choices explained in great depth amidst the war-ravaged land of Westeros. Jaime Lannister, for example, is suddenly transformed from a villainous Kingslayer to a character worthy of sympathy.

Martin’s willingness to sacrifice main characters for the sake of the story comes back in full force. Fans are advised not remain too attached to any of the key players in the game of thrones. Martin does not shy away from the cold realities of a civil war that brings about casualties on all sides. None of the claimants to the throne are safe from impending doom and any unfortunate soul caught in the crossfire will simply have to share their fate. Such is this gruesome, thrilling episode of A Song of Ice and Fire that proves that weddings could be far more dangerous and deadly than a battlefield.

The best part of the novel is the re-emergence of fantasy elements that were notably missing from the previous installments. The Others beyond the wall, Dany’s dragons, the dark magic of Melisandre, and Beric Dondarrion’s apparent immortality reinforces the story’s place in the realms of genre fantasy.

With A Storm of Swords, Martin has supposedly reached the halfway point of the epic, yet so little has been revealed. The biggest flaw of the series is in its huge size and the tormenting snail’s pace at which subsequent novels are released. A Storm of Swords Audiobook, as well as the other narrated versions of A Song of Ice and Fire novels, serve to lighten the fans’ load by providing an alternative for those who do not have time to read and read again in order to keep up with the series.

A Storm of Swords Story (Spoiler!)

A Storm of Swords follows the War of the Five Kings as only Robb Stark, Stannis Baratheon, Joffrey Baratheon, Balon Greyjoy are left following the mysterious death of Lord Renly (Baratheon). Old allegiances are once again tested while new ones are formed with the balance of power continually shifting as no one faction is able to assert complete control. The war in the capital of Kings Landing is simultaneously raging with the conflict on the Wall as well as the fast rising power of Daenerys Targaryen in the East.

The tables are suddenly turned when the Lannisters form an alliance with House Tyrell. Their joined forces effectively defend against Stannis’ attempts to take King’s Landing, securing Joffrey’s claim to the Iron Throne. Joffrey continues to rule, though in name only, as he finds himself constantly manipulated by his scheming relatives.

With House Martell pledging their support to the Lannisters, Robb finds his newfound power as King of the North in a precarious position. The combined strength of the Tully and Stark armies may yet hold against the separate threats of Tyrell-Lannister and the Greyjoys – but only if their shaky alliance with the less-than-reliable Freys comes to fruition.

Unknown to the warring nobles in Westeros, their civil war may come to naught as they are about to face the threat of invasion from numerous foreign powers. Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch are all that stands between the Seven Kingdoms and the wildings, led by Mance Ryder. Melisandre, the mysterious priestess who has captured Stannis’ soul, is using her dark powers to slay anyone who dares to oppose her. Across the sea, Dany and her three dragons are getting ready to reclaim the Iron Throne by gathering an army of mercenaries and freed slaves.

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